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Jaw Crusher


Henan Dajia Mining Machinery is a well-known company of jaw crusher production and sale in China, We specializes in producing jaw crusher which is widely applied in many departments including Mining, Smelt metal, Building materials, Public road ,Railway, Water conservation ,Chemical industry and so on .


Our company have been exported to tens of thousands of sets of jaw crusher for gravel, sand production line ,you can find the company's trademark all over the world.Jaw Crusher is suitable for processing all kinds of coarse, medium and fine material(granite, limestone and concrete) that the side is not exceeding 500mm and the compressive strength less than 350 million mpa,it is widely used in water and electricity, expressway, manual ballast, crushing, etc.Jaw crusher is the ideal processing equipment of advanced road surface and hydropower construction in aggregate,due to its superior performance and good performance ,it are widely used in highway construction, water conservancy projects and the construction of gravel processing and other fields.

jaw crusher

jaw crusher

jaw crusher

jaw crusher

The jaw crusher of our company has a feature of big reduction ratio, even granularity, simple structure, reliable working condition, convenient repair and economic operation, which are widely used for mine, smelting, building material, road, railway, irrigation works, chemical and materials with compression strength no more than 320 Mpa.

Features of jaw crusher

1 . Crushing chamber depth and no dead zone, increased capacity and output feed

2 .Big crushing ratio, uniform particle size.

3 .Gasket nesting population adjustment device, reliable and convenient,big adjustment range, increase the flexibility of the device.

4 . Lubrication system safe and reliable, easy to replace parts, maintenance workload is small.

5 .Simple structure, reliable operation, low operating costs.

6 .Energy-saving equipment: single machine energy saving 15% ~ 30%,the system energy saving more than double

7. Nesting population has big adjustment range, to meet the requirements of different users .

8 . Low noise, little dust.

Advantages of jaw crusher

1. Effectively solves the problem of high operation rate and little maintenance time caused by low output of limestone crusher.

2. Can complete the crushing work of large-sized limestone.

3. The blending of the two materials is even and the mixing quantity of the desulfurized limestone is greatly increased.

4. The electricity needed is reduced.

5. The granularity of the wastes is small.

6. Effectively improves the labor strength and the working environment of the workers.


operation of jaw crusher


Structure and wroking principle of jaw crusher

The structure of Jaw Crusher includes main frame, main axle, roller bearings, eccentric shaft, jaw plates, side plates, toggle mechanism, fly wheels and springs.

The strip and strip pulley are driven by a motor, and the moving jaw moves up and down via eccentric shaft. The angle between fixed jaw and moving jaw becomes smaller when the moving jaw runs down, then the materials are crushed into pieces. It will become bigger when the moving jaw runs up. The moving jaw board leaves the fixed jaw board under the action of pole and spring, and then the end products come out from the crushing cavity. And also, Jaw crusher is always used as the Primary jaw crusher.

Operations of jaw crusher

1. Start feeding after checking the machine.

2. Evenly put the material into the machine, and avoid putting material from the side or feeding too much to avoid over-feeding, sudden load change or blocking.

3.Stop feeding before stopping machine. Stop motor after all material discharged.

4.Stop the motor if there is any stagnancy due to the blocking up of material inside the machine.

5.The other side can be used if one side of fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate is worn.

6. Check all fixed parts before starting to use and tighten the part if loose.


Specifications of jaw crusher

Type Technical performance Motor power(kw ) Overall dimensions (L*W*H )(mm) Weight(kg)
Max feed-in size(mm) Adjustment scope(mm) Capacity (m3 /h ) Rotary speed of main shaft (r/min )      
PEF150*250 125 10-40 1-3 285 7.5 922*745*933 700
PEF200*300 165 20-70 2-8 265 11 1056*1100*1120 800
PEF250*400 210 20-80 5-20 310 18.5 1108*1142*1392 3000
PEF400*600 340 40-90 10-40 275 30 1700*1732*1392 7200
PEF350*750 290 30-55 20-50 300 37 1900*1806*1808 8900
PEF500*750 425 50-100 34-68 275 55 2050*1860*2145 11320
PEF600*900 480 75-200 40-120 255 75 2792*2168*2250 17600
PEF750*1060 630 80-200 80-160 250 90 4180*2560*3070 30530
PEF900*1200 750 100-200 110-200 250 110 5200*2900*3500 50000
PEF1200*1500 1020 150-300 220-400 180 160 4200*3300*3500 106000
PEX150*750 125 10-40 5-15 300 15 1220*1480*1180 3600
PEX250*1000 210 15-55 10-32 300 37 1580*1992*1380 7350
PEX250*1200 210 15-60 12-38 300 37 1530*2192*1380 8700
PEX300*1300 250 20-90 16-65 300 55 1930*2400*1747 11600
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