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Composite lining board than traditional high manganese steel lining abrasion reasons and advantages
2016-9-29 14:57:00

  Composite lining board than traditional high manganese steel lining abrasion reasons and advantages

  Section on the tells the story of the deficiency of traditional wear-resisting lining board, ought to say, the shortcomings that there is room for improvement. And composite lining board used in ball mill on's good, practical? According to the practical test using a certain power plant, in the 580 coal mill lining board, using a combination of 39 months of smooth surface, neat, beautiful, almost invisible wear and tear. The end plate adopts the traditional high manganese steel, most have worn through. Simple comparison, it seems that the wear resistance of high manganese steel material as the new lining board, but know that still need to comparative analysis from multiple aspects, analyses the reason of difference.

  Combination meaning has two aspects: one is refers to the form of lining structure, the second refers to the overall form of lining board installation. Since the firm also refers to the meaning of two aspects: one is self-reinforcing lining board itself, the second is the self fastening after installation.

  The design of composite lining board, and riveting plate plate shall be provided by the board of two or three separate parts. The function of the board of anti-wear, material of high hardness alloy. Riveting plate as the toughness of alloy, function and to the board for stable board should exert to pressure.

  Combination from solid plate use mill itself geometric shape, the structure of double metal composite mechanics, use the effect of grinding balls in the ball mill production run, for prestressed since the solid, the overall strengthening of lining board of the implementation, to ensure the stability of lining board of the high hardness, low toughness material and reliability.

  Combination of solid plate manufacturing process and installing process is simpler than the traditional liner. Ball mill does not need to make any modification on the application of the is.

  For more than 20 years, composite lining board by power plants, cement, mining, phosphate fertilizer industry such as diameter of 4 meters below the ball mill's long-term production application show that the stability and reliability are far more than the traditional liner, eliminate the phenomenon of powder leakage and broken bolt and maintenance quantity is almost zero, and provides the most favorable conditions to reduce the noise. Production of civilization, the workers from the heavy labor liberated.

  Currently combination plate has been used widely in more than 20 domestic provinces and cities, including jiangsu, Shanghai, hubei, anhui, shanxi, liaoning, hebei, guangzhou provinces such as most of the power plant has been with composite lining board. Combination of lining board of the biggest advantage is: can give full play to the material used by the maximum quenching hardness, anti-wear performance, and quantity is almost zero maintenance. The most efficient use of limited resources on the earth, should be referred to as: "green lining board".