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The disadvantages of traditional ball mill liner, easy to fracture on the screw hole
2016-9-29 14:22:17

  The disadvantages of traditional ball mill liner, easy to fracture on the screw hole

  Section on article proposed the deficiency of traditional lining design, with the progress of technology, found that the deficiency of traditional design also is very normal, but the traditional grinding machine not only occupies large proportion in application, for ball mill manufacturers also continues to be the main type of production. Before the new pattern design for, believe that traditional liner will still be produced in order to meet the demand. A new design of the lining board for temporarily as we know. As large grinding machine, the need of high hard material is ground fine work, the root of the traditional liner design error can not adapt to the development of resistant material.

  Traditional lining board installation structure mainly has two forms, one kind is widely used in thermal power plants "dovetail groove bite, tighten the wedge fixed". One is mine, cement, chemical industry at home and abroad of each plate is widely used in large thermal power plants using the method of bolt respectively fixed to the cylinder.

  The matching of the dovetail groove is ideal, and we don't talk, but tight wedge above liner will first be wear and tear, tighten all functions from a wedge "bolt", hanging bolt is one of the most unstable fastening way, by the most unstable drop bolt and was first wear tight wedge to stable all mill lining board, this is a mistake, there is no doubt that design.

  So plate bolted directly? We don't talk about playing in the process of grinding machine manufacturing one thousand hole whether reasonable, whether in trouble, don't 谈一千 bolt made one thousand leakage points, screw one thousand large bolts are hard workers. Only discuss whether should make a hole on wear-resistant parts? The hole in the process of casting and heat treatment can produce hundreds crack source, the hole is the most dangerous the weakest position of the workpiece, the location of the most dangerous the weakest lining board fixed the whole piece of lining board, to take dozens of tons, more than one hundred tons of grinding ball its huge force in the long run, it is highly rational design. At home and abroad prove plate fracture is the main reason of the lining board failure. And fracture mostly through the screw hole.

  According to the characteristics of high hardness material, we compared the dozens of analysis the structure of plate and the failure reasons, they wear design "combination from solid without bolt ball mill lining board" which is of epoch-making products of ball mill lining board! What is a non-fixed composite lining board, will be introduced in this paper, we give the next two sections.

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